Gee Bryant (@geebryant_) - “Celebrity Trainer”

Gee aka Mr.28 Days is the creator of the RI28 program. Originally from Philadelphia PA, Gee has coached 1000’s of people through life changing transformations throughout his career! Currently he owns a gym in Atlanta GA, by the name of “ Phlexx Fitness ” where he has garnered a National reputation for getting people amazing results fast! Gee lives by the quote “Nothing changes if nothing changes and every decision start with you.”

Jason Lobdell (@mr2weeksout) Celebrity Trainer

Jason is Arguably the most sought after trainer in Atlanta. Jason is also one of the owners of Universal fitness atlanta. Most known for his BIG personality and famous quote.. Give me 1% of your trust i'll earn the other 99!! Jason’s training expertise along with Gee has made this the best fitness program on the planet!

Joseline Hernandez - (@Joseline)  /Actress/Fitness Inspiration/Musician/ Producer

Joseline aka the Puerto Rican Princess, is a multi talented superstar! Joseline is known for her show stopping ability on the screen and on the stage as she is one of the hottest actresses and performers today. Joseline has used the RI28 challenge to snap back from her first child and has added her own flare to the program, and been able to help change 1000’s of lives!

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